BeNative Mobile App

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BeNative mobile app consists of basic membership and premium membership.
Users can choose between two, depending on their personal purpose.



100 BNV / 7.99 USD

Monthly Fee


Accessible Contents 

Basic + Premium Contents

Basic Contents

XP Acquisition Volume

Learn more through Premium contents and earn more XP


BeNative Digital Voucher (BNV) 


Until now, users have been purchasing BeNative premium membership with 3 currencies : South Korean₩, Japanese¥, and US$. Fiat currency system has the disadvantage of requiring global users to go through complex payment procedures and to pay expensive international remittance commission in the purchasing process.

With the development of cryptocurrency technology, we introduce our new payment method BNV.
BNV is a digital voucher built with blockchain technology. BeNative Digital Voucher (BNV) is designed to enable all people to easily access BeNative service. Anyone with a mobile phone can easily transfer BNV to each other at very low cost (or no cost at all depending on the condition).

Usages of BNV are: 


It is used for the application of Premium membership


It is used for the application of Premium English Quiz


It is used for the application of  B2B employees' foreign language courses 


It is used for the application of Brand Quiz


It is used for scholarship CSR (Corporation Social Responsibility) activities of Enterprises.


It is used for exchanging with new tokens of BeCrypto customers and tokens of blockchain companies participating in brand quiz.

BeNative XP 

In the past, a reward system has been primarily rewarding results. It undermined the philosophy of true education. Result-based reward system causes people to lose motivation in the intermediate process before achieving goals. The more time and effort a goal requires, the more motivation people lose.
Learning a foreign language requires effort and dedication for a long time.

BeNative mobile app divided the whole process of learning into steps. Every lesson has a study guide with 4 steps: Real-Business video, Lecture video, Expressions, and Vocabulary. Each time a user completes one step, XP (eXperience Points) is given regardless of the result. Rewards on small processes give more accomplishment and motivation to a user. XP becomes the proof of learning.

There is a limit on the daily XP amount you can attain but there is no limit on total amount of XP. Amount of XP is infinite just like there is no end to learning.

Core attributes of XP are: 


XP is Proof of Learning.


XP is Infinite. No limitation with amounts.


XP is Inherent, Inalienable, Non-transferrable.

How to Earn XP




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Subscribe to Premium Membership with BNV

Premium membership not only provides new learning contents, but also doubles XP for each learning to maximize learning motivation. As you repeat learning, XP for the same lesson gradually decreases. The faster your premium subscription, the more XP you can earn.


BeNative provides missions to allow users to learn English in a more fun and efficient way. Missions consist of solving English quizzes, taking tests, watching weekly selected contents, etc. Users get XP for completing each mission. 

Learning together in a Network

We believe creating a network and learning together increases the motivation to study. We strengthen this motivation by providing rewards for building a network. You can build a network by adding friends to your slots. Every time you earn XP, your friends automatically receive XP. In other words, amount of XP is closely related to how much effort every person in this network puts into learning. The larger the network, the greater the benefit to all people in the network. There is no limitation in numbers of friend slot. You can purchase an annual friend slot with 100 BNV.

How to earn more XP

  • Subscribe to premium membership with BNV.

  • Create a  network with your friends.

  • Complete missions.


Bitcoin Reward System

BNV Economy

BNV Economy starts with users. Users can choose between Basic membership and Premium membership to experience BeNative service. Basic membership is free of charge, but the amounts of accessible learning contents and XP rewards are more limited compared to Premium membership. A user can subscribe to Premium membership with BNV or fiat currency (South Korean₩, Japanese¥, and US$). Premium membership provides more learning contents and XP rewards per learning. Creating a network with friends and learning together is a way to get more XP.


Once BeNative ecosystem is activated, the platform’s advertising posting begins, and the revenue is used for Monthly XP accumulation Bitcoin rewards and the operation of BeNative Ecosystem. Bitcoin rewards are distributed to users proportionate to the amount of XP each holds. All the advertising within BeNative is conducted as a learning-type mission. Once users complete a Sponsored mission, they get Bitcoin reward, not XP.

Bitcoin, the Most Decentralized Cryptocurrency

BeNative had introduced a cash reward system before the advent of cryptocurrency. However, due to high international remittances and complicated purchasing procedures, the reward system has been put on hold. The advent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has given us great momentum to get our reward system back on track. Now BeNative rewards learners with the most decentralized cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

BeNative has been operating a learning reward system since 2016. In the early days, the process of small reward payment to global users was plagued by international remittance procedures and high fees. Now we have an environment where blockchain technology can be used to make compensation easier and simpler.
BeNative rewards learners with the most decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

How to get Bitcoin Reward

Accumulate Monthly XP 

Solve English quizzes of various themes and brands. 

Become Monthly XP Ranker

Monthly XP Accumulation

The amount of Bitcoin reward is determined by two factors: user’s total XP and monthly XP accumulation. Reward on total XP accumulation is irregular reward that is given at some specific points. Reward on monthly XP accumulation is given once a month. Getting Bitcoin reward does not mean consuming and exchanging your XP with Bitcoin. XP continues to accumulate as long as you continue to study. Monthly XP accumulation-based reward is decided by how much you gained XP during a month. The rewards will be executed after 7 weeks of initial round.   

English Quiz

Solving English quizzes is a learning method that is directly rewarded with bitcoin. BeNative offers English quiz of various themes and brands. Users can learn English expressions that are used in different situations through English quizzes of various themes such as Blockchain, Business, Tech, K-pop, Sport and etc.

Enterprises can open their own brand quiz with BNV. Companies contribute to promoting their brands and products through brand quizzes as well as providing more education through sponsorships. 

Users get bitcoin reward directly based on English quiz score. Users access premium English quiz with BNV. Premium English quiz offers more English quizzes than basic English quiz. Users have more opportunity of learning more and getting more Bitcoin reward.

BNV Economy Stage

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3 Stages of BNV Economy

There are 3 stages in BNV Economy: Original User Rewarding Stage, Initial Facilitation Stage, Main Stage

Each stage prevents confusion about the upcoming reward system by clarifying the date for the new system and benefits that BeNative introduces.

Original User Rewarding Stage

(Sept. 16.2019 ~ Sept.30.2019)

Original user rewarding stage rewards all learners who have learned from BeNative before BNV economy starts. Existing XP holders can apply for BNV rewards during this stage. 

Initial Facilitation Stage

(Oct. 01.2019 ~ Dec.31.2019)

BNV economy is activated by advertising revenue. Attracting the platform’s advertising requires a certain number of active users (We define XP holders as active users). We set the duration of the active user gathering and advertising hosting to 14 weeks and define this period as ‘Initial Facilitation Stage’.

To facilitate initial participation, Initial participant benefit will be given. The Initial participant benefit gradually decreases every two weeks. The earlier users participate, the more benefit they can get, which gives strong motivation to participate early. After 14 weeks of Initial facilitation stage, Initial participant benefit ends, and the distribution of Bitcoin rewards based on Monthly XP accumulation begins.

Main Stage


Main stage is the stage where BNV economy is fully functional. Monthly XP Bitcoin reward begins based on advertising revenue. Premium membership price with BNV is the same (100 BNV)


Network Effect Example




Two mobile phones can make only one connection, four can make 6 connections, and eight can make 28 connections. 

The concept of Initial participant benefit is supported by 'Network effects from Metcalfe's Law'. According to the theory, if the number of members increases by X times, the utility value of each user increases by X time, and the overall network value is proportional to X^2.

Traditional Network Effect

Traditional network effect defined verall utility as equivalent to Application utility and did not consider bootstrapping problem which occurs due to the difficulty of increasing early user number as Application utility is low.

Token Network Effect

Token Network effect takes Financial utility into consideration to solve the bootstrapping problem. Overall utility is defined as the sum of Financial and Application utility. Early participant user’s Application utility is low but Financial utility is high. Application utility grows as the user number increases, Financial utility decreases, and overall utility is balanced.

In the early stage of many services, cases of bootstrapping problem arise, which is the difficulty of increasing early user number as the utility value felt by an individual user is lower than the required level. By designing the Token Economy to give more values to early participants, this problem can be solved. 

Bitcoin Active Addresses

Bitcoin Market Price

Bitcoin is a good example. Token Economy design of Bitcoin led to a rise in Bitcoin price $600 to $6,000 when the number of users of Bitcoin increased from 100,000 to 1 million. The early participants took 10 times as much rewards.

Reflecting Bitcoin's philosophy, BeNative provides the following benefits to Initial participants.

BNV Airdrop Events

- Get BNV from Cryptocurrency Exchange (

- Solve Enlgish Quiz and Get BNV

- Invite Friends and Get BNV

- Accumulate XP through BeNative Mobile App

- Participate in a variety of events.


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