SMTS, Smatoos Reward Platform Token

Release Announcement


Thank you for supporting BeNative, a global foreign language education service.

Smatoos Reward Platform (SMTS) token project by Smatoos, specialized in token economy will be launched and introduced exclusively through the BeNative Launchpad.

We announce an exchange event accordingly, where BNV token holders can get SMTS token.


Smatoos Introduction


Alan Moonsoo Kim, Smatoos CEO

Alan Moonsoo Kim, Smatoos CEO, who is the founder and a former CEO of Etoos, a leading Edutech company in Korea, founded and operated Smatoos since 2011. He is also a chief professor of CryptoMBA at a Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies and a head of Cryptographic Economy Research Institute leading in cryptocurrency industry.

Main Supporting Business

a) BeNative
 BeNative is a global online language learning service with 600,000 members. BeNative has proven its excellence by providing a real business English learning materials from 300 CEOs and executives of global companies in China and the U.S., including Google, Facebook, PayPal, and ELEME Inc.(The Chinese version of GrubHub, Grab Food), and being selected as an English textbook by Korean, Japanese, and Chinese conglomerates, including Samsung, LG, Nexon, Benefit One, and China Human Resources Training. With the recent introduction of blockchain, it has become a learning platform that is rewarded with bitcoin. Learn more 

b) BeCrypto  
 Since 2018, Smatoos has been operating BeCrypto, a crypto economy strategy consulting service that advises entrepreneurs and business clients who either wants to apply blockchain businesses or token economy design. BeCrypto adopted "Blockchain/Crypto Business that actually works" as its motto, and has a client portfolio of about 20 enterprises/startups/NGO, including Aha, Hyosung Galaxia Communications, Riiid, Skelter Labs, Stasia, Wonders, Golden Senior, Daerijubu, Korea Green Foundation, damda, and International Electric Vehicle expo, etc.

c) BeDigital 
 In cooperation with a Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies(aSSIST), BeDigital is training experts in new industries such as the blockchain and education businesses, by turning the latest industrial experience into education. It is the first business school in the world to launch and operate "CryptoMBA" and also provides a digital education platform called Mechanism Campus.

Smatoos Reward Platform Service Introduction

 Smatoos Reward Platform (SMTS) is a token/point-based action reward business accelerator platform provided by Smatoos. Recently, bitcoin and blockchain are becoming more popular. In addition to this trend, not only investors but also end users are changing their paradigm on platform business as we can see Samsung Galaxy mobiles are equipped with cryptocurrency wallet and blockchain-based reward apps, and Line and Kakao are preparing blockchain platforms. As a result, a lot of companies are issuing token or digital points and rewarding to initial enthusiastic users who participate early in the service. Thereby these companies are growing together with their initial loyal customers and realizing a healthy action token economy.  

 Yet, many end users are still unfamiliar with tokens and reward economics. So it takes a lot of time and cost to collect users and market them. In addition, creating a place for customers to consume tokens/points, such as a shopping mall, requires significant IT resources as well as cost.
  Smatoos Reward Platform provides a platform that enables service providers to easily and conveniently make use of tokens/points to build action-reward economics. On Smatoos Reward Platform, customers can easily collect tokens/points through action and value them in exchange for what they want.

Smatoos Reward Platform Service Components

  • Reward for Action

Various tokens for various services such as Bitcoin, BNV, and ECAR can be earned through membership sign-up, friend recommendation, service promotion, service use, and survey, etc. 

  • Reward Exchange (Token/Point Exchange)

Customers can exchange a variety of collected tokens/points with newly introduced tokens/points via Launchpad, and exchange them with other existing tokens or points via Instant Exchange. 

  • Reward Mall (Token/Point Exchange)

Customers can purchase a voucher that allows them to exchange the desired product for a variety of tokens/points. 

  • B2B Service (Corporate Service)

Smatoos Reward Platform provides various token marketing programs, token mall registrations, token exchange registrations services to businesses who want to implement a reward economy.

SMTS Token Introduction


- SMTS token is used as a base currency and a fee when exchanging between tokens/points.
- SMTS token is used to pay for the B2B service. 
- SMTS token is used for corporate promotions and strategic partnership applications.


Smatoos Reward Platform

Service Name

Service Content

Platform for building action based reward economy using tokens/points

Service Range

Launch in Korea and will expand to global

Token Form



100 billion

Token Contract Address

BNV:SMTS Exchange rate

  • BNV:SMTS = 1:10 (1st Round : January 13 - January 20)

  • BNV:SMTS = 1:5 (2nd Round : January 21 - January 27)

  • BNV:SMTS = 1:2 (3rd Round : January 28 - February 3)

Smatoos Reward Platform Launch Scheduled Date

  • Beginning of 2020