[Newest] BeNative XP Ranking Reward Event Notice

“Learn English, Earn Bitcoin!”

*What is BeNative XP Ranking?

BeNative users can earn XP after learning through BeNative contents. Users are ranked through XP accumulation amount and get BTC rewards.

* To accumulate XP, you need BeNative Android App.

* iOS App is currently updating. Please wait until next Ranking event.

Android App Download

Current XP Ranking

[How to search my XP Ranking]

1. On the top of the XP Ranking Event Rules, you can write down your BeNative service name. Once you wrote your name press the search button.

Through BeNative Premium Membership, you can learn more and earn more XP.

Get BeNative Premium Membership

[How to earn XP]

1. Log in to BeNative mobile app and choose your lecture.

2. There are 4 steps in one lecture. Once you finish each step for the first time, you get 10 XP each and you can earn extra 5 XP repeating what you have learned.

[First XP Ranking Reward Event Rules]

● Event Period

The 4th XP Ranking Event: Dec 13 17:00 pm HKT ~ Dec 26 00:00 am HKT

● Reward Table (1st~10th)

● Reward Table (11th~20th)

● Ranking Priority

1. Earned XP within event period (2 weeks) 2. Total XP accumulated 3. Early XP update time

● To claim the BTC prize, you must

Step 1. Register Dcoin & Verify your identity a) How to Register b) How to verify your identity

Step 2. Email a) Use title as full name of the event that you are claiming prize for

e.g.) 5th XP Ranking Event

b) In body, specify 1. Your Dcoin UID (12 digits) 2. Your name at BeNative 3. Your final ranking of the event 4. claiming BTC price amount e.g.) 5th XP Ranking Event

1. Dcoin UID :123456789012 2. Name at BeNative: Justin 3. Ranking: 1st 4. claiming BTC price amount : 0.03 BTC

c) Precautions * Use same email address that is used for BeNative ID. * Send email no later than 72 hours after the round ends. * Valid Dcoin UID, with Identification cleared is required.

[What is my BeNative Service Name?]

1. Log in to BeNative Mobile app and click the icon on the top of the left.

2. You will see your BeNative profile. Your service name is the one on the top of your email.

Step 3. If you are qualified, you will receive BTC reward with submitted Dcoin UID within 7 business days after your claim.

● Only 1 person can qualify for 1 prize

● Event Precautions

Currently, each BeNative lesson has a maximum of 60 XP (first study 40 XP, re-study 20 XP). If some member earns XP through other dishonest means than by legitimate learning, the member may be excluded from the XP ranking contest at the discretion of the BeNative Team.