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Thank you for your support and interest in the first global BNV listing on September 16 at Dcoin Exchange and quiz events.

Since 2016, BeNative has rewarded XP (eXperience Point) according to the users’ learning performance, and in 2019 finally we introduced the digital token economy "Learn English, Earn Bitcoin," which rewards BeNative digital token BNV and Bitcoin.

As part of BeNative’s token economy, Quiz Channels can be used for brand acknowledgment by motivating customers to learn. Brand Quiz Channels can be customized to the brand’s need and any brand can apply to open. It will be a great opportunity to communicate with customers about the core values and services of the brand in an effective and proactive manner.

Traditional marketing approach is no longer interesting to customers. Start promoting your brand in a way that customers can enjoy. Quiz participants will learn the contents on their own with the motivation of learning foreign languages and earning digital tokens. Brand Quiz Channel is satisfying for not just existing and new customers but also brand itself. Let’s start now!

[Brand Quiz Channel Plan]

Standard $1,000 USD Equivalent BNV - 1,000 seat Premium $3,000 USD Equivalent BNV - 4,000 seat Deluxe $5,000 USD Equivalent BNV - 8,000 seat

Superclass $10,000 USD Equivalent BNV - 20,000 seat

* Actual BNV amount can vary according to market price and plans can only be purchased with BNV.

[Brand Quiz Channel Benefits]

1. Up to 10 Quiz questions can be made at the brand’s discretion

2. Korean Quiz is available for English translation and proofreading service 3. English Quiz is available for proofreading service

If you are interested in opening your Brand Quiz Channel, please fill out this form and our team will contact you personally.

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