This new app helps Koreans and Japanese speak English like it’s their first language

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Korean educational startup Smatoos, known for its BeNative apps, has just launched an iOS app called Formula for English Conversation (our translation) for people in Japan and Korea, which focuses on improving English speaking skills. It’s free, and the Android version will be released within the first quarter of this year.

Like other English education apps out there, this app was developed to remove the common frustration of language learners who cannot come up with proper words when they encounter native speakers of the language, even though they know a wide range of vocabulary. One video lesson in Formula for English Conversation takes about 10 minutes, targeting busy professionals who do snack-learning (1) in their limited free time. It includes a recording function that allows users to compare their pronunciation with that of native speakers so they can correct it later.

The startup will organize offline events for users on a regular basis. Through these events, people can find friends with the same goal and give each other inspiration. Some native English speakers will also attend the event so that users can practice what they have learned.

This app is available only in Japan and Korea now, but Smatoos is planning China and Taiwan releases by the end of February. The team is targeting 500,000 monthly active users for the app. They want to add other languages for learning, such as Japanese, Korean, and Chinese so as to expand the startup’s presence in the Asian mobile educational market.

Formula for English Conversation is free for iPhone, available in Japanese and in Korean. Check out the demo video: