South Korean e-learning start-up BeNative to enter India

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BeNative, a South Korean start-up that provides e-learning services, has said it is set to enter India to provide business communication skills, in English and Chinese.

Equipped with a digital initiative to up-skill youth in business communication, BeNative is in touch with a number of innovative Indian institutes and universities to teach students understand business/technical English so that they can more freely express themselves in the global markets, the company said.

“Any student, if given the right kind of inspiration, learning path and sufficient exposure to the opportunities available, will certainly be able to realise his/her potential. Our mission is to provide such inspiration, learning and exposure to millions of students by closing the gap between their skills and industry needs,” Alan Moonsoo Kim, Chief Executive Officer, BeNative, said.

Kim whose first company Etoos sold for $30 million, has been working in the online education industry since its inception over the last 15 years.

He said more than 2,000 companies and universities in China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan use BeNative to improve their employees’ and students language skills in both English and Chinese.

BeNative uses video interviews of business leaders to select important phrases and vocabulary to be taught. It has won several other awards around Asia and the Americas, he added.

“South Asian countries and particularly India is to-day ready to take a more meaningful position in the global markets and to expedite this process their communication skills particularly in their specialised field need polishing to enable them express forcefully,” Shruti Kaul, Director at BeNative, said.

Therefore, the company has taken up this responsibility with the objective of bridging further communication constraints to make world a truly global village, she added.


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