[Notice] Premium Quiz Rule Update - We give 50% refund for the highest registration fee.

'BeNative English Quiz is fun and I like them, but how much do I have to pay for the registration fee?

'I paid a lot for the BeNative quiz registration fee, but I only ranked 2nd. It's a waste of BNV tokens!'

For those who have thought like this! BeNative presents a new rule for Premium Quiz!

If you send the highest amount of BeNative Premium Quiz registration fee, we will refund your 50% of the registration fee regardless of whether you win the 1st prize or not!

1. Participation Period: All Premium Quizzes starting from this week's Weekly Quiz (starting from 10/14/2019)

2. How to participate: Pay the Premium Quiz registration fee and solve the English Quiz!

3. Participation Process:

When the Weekly Quiz is closed, BeNative will announce the participant with the highest amount of registration fee. 50% of the registration fee will be refunded to the ChainBridge Wallet.

Participate in BeNative English Quiz without worrying about the registration fee!

BeNative will refund 50% of your registration fee

Thank you for your interest and participation.