[Notice] Smatoos Global Reward Platform Beta Open


This is SMATOOS, a company who provides essential services to build the Token Economy.

SMATOOS, which has been providing 1) BeNative, 2) BeCrypto, 3) BeDigital, has now launched Smatoos Global Reward Platform (

The Smatoos Global Reward Platform provides a platform that enables service providers to easily and conveniently use tokens/points to build Token Economy to design their customers behaviors. Customers can easily collect tokens/points by fulfilling the actions designed by service providers. Moreover, they can exchange the tokens/points they collect for other tokens/points or product they want.

<SMATOOS Platform’s Service>

1. Reward for Action

Fulfill required actions and collect various tokens/points as a reward!

2. Launchpad

Be the first to get Smatoos’ various partner project tokens/points.

Exchange the collected tokens/points for tokens/points from our newly introduced partners.

3. Reward Exchange (Coming soon)

You can instantly exchange your tokens/points for your favorite tokens/points.

4. Prediction (Collective Intelligence Prediction Session)

Recently, there are increasing cases of using collective intelligence to predict the future in various economic and social issues. If we use collective intelligence in future predictions, it is possible to make predictions that surpass the wisdom of a handful of experts, given diversity.

In the Smatoos Global Reward Platform, we believe that the collective intelligence of participants can create a prominent and creative ecosystem. We will also accomplish sustainable token economy by rewarding these healthy actions.

For More Details about SMATOOS Reward Platform and SMTS token, please check the link below.

Learn More about Smatoos Reward Platform & SMTS Token

We look forward to global members to join and participate in our ecosystem.

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