[Notice] BNV Launchpad - Wallet update to Smatoos Wallet

Hello! This is BeNative.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of our members who use the BNV Launchpad.

The wallet used for BeNative BNV Launchpad has been updated to the Smatoos Wallet.

The email ID you used to exchange tokens from previous launchpad projects will continue to be used, and we have enhanced security by adding a PIN code setting procedure.

* Wallet Updates *

1) BNV Launchpad Wallet update to Smatoos Wallet from BeNative wallet

2) Enhance security with PIN code (password) setting after email address verification

* Precautions *

1) If you have an existing BeNative wallet, you can use the same email to set up email verification and PIN code. There is no need to reconnect to the Chainbridge app.

2) If the email address to set the PIN code is linked to the Chainbridge app, you don't need to reconnect.

Now, here is our instructions for you to register your email to updated Smatoos Wallet.


<Member who wants to register new email on BNV Launchpad>

1. Go to the launchpad exchange page of the token you wish to exchange. ECAR : PET : GSR : SMTS :

2. Please type the email address that you would like to register on Smatoos Wallet. (You can use any email you like.)

3. Enter and verify the verification code sent to that email address on the Smatoos Wallet page.

4. Once you're verified, set up a 6-digit PIN code for launchpad exchange via email.

(Please note that this PIN code will be used as the password associated with the email ID for all future launchpad participation.)

5. Once you've set up your PIN code, press the 'I’m ready' button. Now let's connect to the Chainbridge app!

(Members who have already linked to the Chainbridge app by email can participate in the exchange as Step 7.)

6. Enter the code on the 'Connect' tab in the Chainbridge app..

7. Now, you can enjoy exchanging tokens!

If you have any inquiries, please contact to via email.

Thank you

BeNative Team