[Notice] BeNative XP Ranking Reward Event - Dishonest XP Accumulation Prevention Policy

Hello! This is BeNative.

Thank you very much to all of BeNative members who have used BeNative services and participated in BeNative XP Ranking Reward Event.

This announcement will guide you to Dishonest XP Accumulation Prevention Policy for BeNative XP Ranking Reward Event.

The purpose of the BeNative XP Ranking Reward is to encourage people to learn English. More fundamentally, BeNative rewards learning activities, motivates learning through reward, and provide services to help all members around the world, who study languages online, share the joy of learning.

In order to avoid exploiting the characteristics of the XP Ranking Reward Event and to create a sustainable event environment, we have added a policy to prevent the abnormal XP accumulation from being applied to the event.

Restrictive behaviors in participating in the event include skipping videos without actual learning, and any actions that, as far as BeNative judges, are dishonestly involved in obtaining XP.

BeNative team reviews may limit the regarding member’s participation in the future XP Ranking Reward Event.

If you have any questions, please contact us to

We will continue to do our best to provide more beneficial services and member-oriented services.

Thank you.

BeNative Team