BNV Launchpad Token Exchange Ranker Reward Event

Hello! This is BeNative.

The exchange of BDL, ECAR, PET, GSR Token through BNV Launchpad has begun.

Thank you for your interest and participation!

As outlined in the BNV Launchpad Christmas Project Announcement, we are pleased to announce Ranker Reward Event to advance the bonus depending on the amount of BNV you exchange.

Thanks to BeNative members who exchange more BNVs for BDL, ECAR, PET, GSR Token, we will reward you with additional token!


[BNV Launchpad Live Projects & Introduction]

Learn more about BDL Token by Online Digital Learning Platform BeDigital

Learn more about the official ECAR token of the International Electric Vehicle Expo IEVE

Learn more about PET Token by Pet Industry Project Acceleration Platform of G-biotech

Learn more about Senior Business Acceleration Platform GSR by Golden Senior, Senior Healthcare Research Company

[Ranker Reward Event Overview]

1. Additional token reward, based on the total amount of tokens received to exchange, will be given to the members whose total exchange amount is the top 1 ~ 3 at the end of each round of launchpad

1st Ranker: 50% reward bonus (Exchanged Token)

2nd Ranker: 30% reward bonus (Exchanged Token)

3rd Ranker: 20% reward bonus (Exchanged Token)

2. Applicable projects for this event

Go to BDL 6th Round Exchange

Go to ECAR 1st Round Exchange

Go to PET 1st Round Exchange

Go to GSR 1st Round Exchange

3. Current (2019.12.26 12:00 HKT) highest rankers

4. Event Period (HKT)


6th round: 2019.12.19 ~ 2019.12.27


1st round: 2019.12.26 ~ 2020.1.2

2nd round: 2020.1.3 ~ 2020.1.17

3rd round: 2020.1.18 ~ 2020.1.31

5. Reward Period

Reward will be sent within 7 business days after the end of each round


1. Rewards will be paid only once, based on the maximum total exchange amount per person per round.

2. Additional token reward will be paid within 7 business days after the end of each round.

3. BeNative reserves the right for the final interpretation of this event