BNV Launchpad - Be the first to meet ECAR, PET, GSR Token!

BeNative Launchpad Christmas Project!

Get ECAR, PET, GST Token through BNV Launchpad!


* What is BNV Launchpad?

Through BNV launchpad, BNV Token holder can exchange BNV tokens with new tokens of BeCrypto clients and blockchain companies that participate in BeNative Brand Quiz.

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3 new token projects launching in 2020

ECAR (International Electric Vehicle Expo IEVE)

PET (Pet Coin, Issue Company: G-biotech)

GSR(Golden Senior Review)

will be introduced exclusively through the BeNative BNV Launchpad.

We will guide you through the exchange event where you can earn ECAR, PET, GSR tokens for the BNV token holder.

Be the first one to meet 3 tokens of ECAR, PET, GSR through the BNV Launchpad for Christmas!

Now you can easily exchange BNV to ECAR, PET, GSR Token without Ethereum wallet address, in Chainbridge Wallet!

1st round is open from today, December 24 2019!

The exchange rate of the 1st round is the most advantageous!

Learn more about the official ECAR token of the International Electric Vehicle Expo IEVE

Learn more about PET Token by Pet Industry Project Acceleration Platform of G-biotech

Learn more about Senior Business Acceleration Platform GSR by Golden Senior, Senior Healthcare Research Company


[How to participate]

1. Check each token's base exchange rate and exchange schedule on the BNative launchpad.

2. Click the “Exchange” button of the token you wish to get.

3. Enter the email address you want to use as your BeNative Wallet.

4. Follow the instructions to link your chainbridge wallet.

* You only need to line the wallet one time.

5. Enter as many BNV as you like to exchange, then withdraw your BNVs from Chainbridge Wallet and receive your exchanged tokens!


1. This round supports both Android & iOS Chainbridge app.

2. Make sure you have at least 10,000 BNV in your Chainbridge wallet balance before exchange.

3. The exchange event may close early if the limit of token exchange of partner companies is reached. In that case, BNV will not be withdrawn.

4. You can connect to any email you want. You can use this email later when you use other BeNative services.

5. There is an additional bonus according to the exchange amount.

6. If you have any questions, please email us to

Thank you

BeNative Team