BeNative is hosting English Quiz Contest!

Hello, we’re BeNative.

Thanks to your great interest in BeNative English Quiz Channels, we are hosting an English Quiz Contest!

BeNative BNV Token Economy not only provides fun language learning through various methods such as English Quiz Channels, but also reward the users with BNV token and Bitcoin. It allows users to get motivated positively and voluntarily for learning.

There will be more English Quizzes in the future, so pay attention to BeNative Official Website Notice and the news that will be announced through SNS!

[English Quiz Contest Overview]

BeNative members who wish to participate in the English Quiz Contest has to pay the registration fee during the registration period. You must pay the registration fee more than 10,000 BNV to be qualified for this English Quiz Contest. When the registration period is over, the English Quiz Channel will be open. Please solve the quiz before the English Quiz Channel closes.

  • According to the English Quiz Score, the ranking and prize will be determined.

  • Registration fee is at least 10,000 BNV (transaction fee excluded) and you can decide how much more you pay. (BNV payment only/ex: 12,000BNV + transaction fee).

- English Quiz Contest registration fee payment deposit address: 0x58270649b06fae980055d283986e52faedeb4d39

- You must send the registration fee only through Dcoin Exchange Account.

- Prize will not be rewarded if you use the third party wallet.

- You can add registration fee by sending more BNV to the same address above anytime during the registration period.

- The final registration fee will be calculated by the sum of the amounts you sent (transaction fee excluded)

  • If there is a tie Quiz score, the applicant who paid the more registration fee will be the higher ranker.

  • English Quiz Contest Seat Opening: 500 seats

  • No. of Quiz Question: 20 Questions

*Those who paid the registration fee and provided valid information during the registration period can ONLY participate in English Quiz Contest.

[English Quiz Contest Schedule]

*All the dates and time is based on KST (Korean Standard Time)

- English Quiz Contest Registration and Registration Fee Deposit Period: 2019.09.19 17:00 PM ~ 2019.09.25 17:00 PM

- English Quiz Channel Opening: 2019.10.01 17:00 PM

- English Quiz Contest Participation Period: 2019.10.01 17:00 PM ~ 2019.10.04 17:00 PM

- English Quiz Channel Closing: 2019.10.04 17:00 PM

- English Quiz Contest Reward Result Notice and Reward Payment: 2019.10.09 17:00 PM

[English Quiz Contest Notes]

  • The Quiz score will be calculated with the last submission.

- Only those quiz submissions that has valid Dcoin UID, 4 digits PIN(description below) are considered valid.

  • PIN will be sent to your BeNative user email after submission of your registration form. Please make sure you save the PIN safely.

- Please be sure to keep the participation registration period, registration fee deposit period, and quiz participation period.

- Please provide your correct BeNative user email address, Dcoin UID code. (If there is any wrong information, we cannot reward the prize)

- Upon submission of English Quiz Contest registration form, BeNative team will send you confirmation email with a regarding schedule.

- Deadline for registration fee payment will be strictly checked based on the time when BeNative wallet receives your registration fee. (In case of transaction traffic, please complete your transaction before an hour to the deadline)

If you want to participate in this contest, please fill out this form and our team will send you a confirmation email.

If you need more information about BeNative English Quiz Contest, you can contact us to

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