[Updated]BDL, BeDigital Token Release Notification

Preempt BDL BeDigital Token with BNV Launchpad!

*What is BNV Launchpad?

Through launchpad, BNV Token holder can exchange BNV tokens with new tokens of BeCrypto clients and blockchain companies that participate in BeNative Brand Quiz.

Go to Launchpad : (

[BeDigital Introduction]

Thank you for supporting BeNative, a global foreign language education service.

BeNative will launch a new service called BeDigital which enables people to learn the latest digital knowledge systematically, such as AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

This is an exchange event, where BNV token holders can get BDL token.


Digital Education Content Market 2018 – Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Strategies and Forecast To 2025

  • NY Times

Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade

  • NY Times


BeDigital will supply the most up-to-date digital knowledge to the B2C, B2B market through its corporate education networks and adult education content development know-how accumulated through BeNative.

[BDL Token Introduction]

- BDL token is used to apply for digital learning quiz for global learners.

- BDL token is used to apply for B2B courses for the digital training of employees of companies.

- BDL token is used to apply for brand quiz of digital companies.

[BNV:BDL exchange rate]

  • BNV:BDL = 1:5 (1st:October 22- October 31)

  • BNV:BDL = 1:3 (2nd : Novembe 01-November 08)

  • BNV:BDL = 1:2 (3rd : November 09-November 15)

  • BNV:BDL = 1:1 (3rd : November 16-November 22)

  • BNV:BDL = 2:1 (5th : November 23-November 30)

BNV:BDL = 1:5 (1차 : 10월 22일-10월 31일)

BNV:BDL = 1:3 (2차 : 11월 01일-11월 08일)

BNV:BDL = 1:2 (3차 : 11월 09일-11월 15일)

BNV:BDL = 1:1 (4차 : 11월 16일-11월 22일)

BNV:BDL = 2:1 (5차 : 11월 23일-11월 30일)

BeDigital first quiz start date in 2019

[BeDigital quiz question themes]

  • Big Data

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • BlockChain

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Startups