BeDigital, BNV - BDL token exchange D-1(updated)

BeDigital token, ONE DAY left for BDL & BNV exchange before BDL launch

(Please check the updated schedule below)

SMATOOS launches a new digital education service called BeDigital and issues BDL token via BeNative Launchpad, following BeNative service!

Get BDL token first with the highest exchange rate as a BNV token holder

Read about BeNative BNV Launchpad

BeDigital BDL Token Launch Announcement

BDL Token Introduction :

- BDL token is used to apply for digital learning quiz for global learners.

- BDL token is used to apply for B2B courses for the digital training of employees of companies.

- BDL token is used to apply for brand quiz of digital companies.

BNV:BDL exchange rate

1st round) 1:5 (period: 10.21-31)

2nd round) 1:3 (period: 11.1-11.8)

3rd round) 1:2 (period: 11.9-11.15)

4th round) 1:1 (period: 11.16-11.22)

5th round) 2:1 (period: 11.23-11.30)