PET, Pet Coin Release Notification

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PET(Pet Coin, Issue Company: G-Biotech) token project will be launched and introduced exclusively through the BeNative Launchpad in 2020.

This is an exchange event, where BNV token holders can get PET token.

PET Coin Platform Introduction

Petcoin logo.jpg

PET Coin platform is a pet business acceleration platform provided by G-biotech (CEO Sung-ho Kim: Seoul National University Veterinary Medicine Bachelor/Master/Ph.D., The domestic pet market is growing rapidly, estimated at 6 trillion won in 2020.


PET provides efficient marketing, partnerships and integrated rewards programs for each of the pet market operators (e.g. pet products, veterinary clinics, animal grooming services, animal caring services, financial services) to help ensure the rapid spread of excellent services. 

PET Token Introduction

- PET Token will used to use services of companies participating in the Pet Coin platform.
- PET Token will be used to reward customers for participating services of the Pet Coin platform.
- PET Token will be used for enterprise services of the Pet Coin platform.
- PET Token will be used for promotions and strategic alliances for companies.


Pet Coin Platform

Service Name

Service Content

Integrated marketing / affiliation / reward platform for each provider in the pet market

Service Range

Launch in Korea and, will expand to global in the future

Token Form



5 billion

Token Address Contract

BNV:PET Exchange

  • BNV:PET = 1:2 (1st Round : December 24 - January 2)

  • BNV:PET = 1:1 (2nd Round : January 3 - January 17)

  • BNV:PET = 1:0.5 (3rd Round : January 18 - January 31)

Pet Coin Platform Service Launch Scheduled Date

  • Beginning of 2020

Pet Coin Platform Supporting Businesses

  • Veterinary Clinics

  • Online / Offline Pet Products Distributor

  • Pet-related Service Provider

  • Pet Products Manufacturer

  • Online Pet Community