Learn English 

Earn Bitcoin



Learn and Collect XP

XP is Proof of Learning.



Boost XP with BNV

Get premium membership with BeNative Digital Voucher(BNV). 

Double your XP, double your contents.

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Get Bitcoin Reward 

BeNative rewards XP holders with Bitcoin. Participate in the three activities to get rewarded. 

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Accumulate Monthly XP


Complete Sponsored Missions


Become Weekly XP Ranker

BeNative Abstract

BeNative is language learning online service with more than 600 thousand users. Users can learn real native English not from language teachers but from native global leaders from top companies. ‘Education For All’ have been mission of BeNative since its beginning in 2013. Over the past few years, we have been executing our plans to achieve our mission. As a result, launched 4 global headquarters in South Korea, Japan, China, Hongkong, providing BeNative service to 181 global countries with 6 prepared language subtitles (Korean, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Hindi) and Spanish subtitle is going to be released in near future.

Development of cryptocurrency technology made us possible to introduce BeNative Digital voucher (BNV) and reward people with the most decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin. ‘Learn English, Earn Bitcoin!’. Now, experience a new way of learning with incentivized language learning platform, BeNative.

BeNative collapses boundaries and motivates learners. 


BeNative Voucher (BNV) , a 

digital voucher in the form of

ERC-20, makes payment easy

in any place.


BeNative XP, the Proof of Learning and infinite reward for your learning 



Receive XP in BTC, 

BNV opens new opportunities.

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Monthly Average BNV Distribution to 1 User 

Average BNV distribution to 1 user per month starts from 833.3 BNV and it gradually decreases to 83.3 BNV.


XP Reward for

Learning 1 Lesson

XP reward for learning 1 lesson starts from 40 XP per lesson and decreases to 4 XP per lesson when active user amount reaches 1 million.

Reflecting Bitcoin philosophy, BeNative Token Economy provides 10 times much benefit to early participants:





10x XP per same learning action

10x BNV rewards per user

The initial round rewards gradually decrease every time initial round hits the milestone in active user counts.

Active user Milestones are 100K, 200K, 500K, 1M

Introducing BNV Economy

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About BeNative

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