GSR, Golden Senior Review Token

Release Notification

Thank you for supporting BeNative, a global foreign language education service.

GSR(Golden Senior Revew) token project will be launched and introduced exclusively through the BeNative Launchpad in 2020.

This is an exchange event, where BNV token holders can get GSR token.

Golden Senior Review Service Introduction

GSR logo

Golden Senior Review (GSR) is a business acceleration platform provided by Golden Senior Dental Hospital (CEO Noh Jung-jun, and Golden Senior, a senior healthcare research company.
As the aging population grows, the business market for seniors is growing rapidly.




GSR introduces startup entrepreneurs, book authors, webtoon writers, idea product developers, and catering entrepreneurs through Golden Senior Review Evaluators Group. Golden Senior Review Evaluators Group is composed of respected leaders from various fields in our society, including politics, economy, society and culture. This platform helps prominent businesses & products promote and grow.

GSR Token Introduction

GSR logo

- GSR Token will be used to apply for Golden Senior Review service.
- GSR Token will be used to reward Golen Senor Reivew Evaluators Group.
- GSR Token will be used for promotions and strategic partnerships for companies.


Golden Senior Review

Service Name

Service Content

A business acceleration platform where VIPs from various fields in our society, including politics, economy, society and culture, participate

Service Range

Launch in Korea and, will expand to global in the future

Token Form



5 billion

Token Contract Form

BNV:GSR Exchange rate

  • BNV:GSR = 1:10 (1st Round : December 24 - January 2)

  • BNV:GSR = 1:5 (2nd Round : January 3 - January 17)

  • BNV:GSR = 1:2 (3rd Round : January 18 - January 31)

Golden Senior Review Service Launch Scheduled Date

  • Beginning of 2020

Golden Senor Review Support Businesses

  • Initial Stage of Startup

  • New Webtoon

  • New Novel

  • New Show

  • New Restaurant

  • New Clothing Brand

  • New Brand etc.