ECAR, IEVE Token Release Notification

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ECAR(IEVE, International Electric Vehicle Expo) token project will be launched and introduced exclusively through the BeNative Launchpad in 2020.

This is an exchange event, where BNV token holders can get ECAR token.

IEVE Introduction

IEVE logo.jpg

The International Electric Vehicle Expo (IEVE, is the first international electric vehicle expo held in 2014 and the 7th Expo will be in 2020 based on the vision of 'EV Davos Forum'. With the growth of Tesla and BYD, the electric vehicle market is booming with the new era of autonomous driving.




The International Electric Vehicle Expo is the world's first UNESCO designated area for 3 different sectors and an electric vehicle expo that takes place in Jeju Island, the leading city for electric cars designated by the Ministry of Environment.
Jeju Island, in particular, was designated as a regulatory freedom special district for electric vehicles charing service.

ECAR Token Introduction

- ECAR Token will be used to apply for tickets for the International Electric Vehicle Expo.
- ECAR Token will be used for applications related to electric vehicle education, seminars, conferences & fairs.
- ECAR Token can be used to apply for B2B booths of companies participating in the IEVE, to activate EV-related infrastructure and EV business platforms.


International Electric Vehicle Expo

Service Name

Service Content

The 7th International Electric Vehicle Expo held in 2020 and Electric Vehicle related other businesses

Service Range


Token Form



3 billion

Token Contract Address

BNV:ECAR Exchange

  • BNV:ECAR = 1:2 (1st Round : December 24 - January 2)

  • BNV:ECAR = 1:1 (2nd Round : January 3 - January 17)

  • BNV:ECAR = 1:0.5 (3rd Round : January 18 - January 31)

IEVE Scheduled Date

ECAR Token Usage

  • International Electric Vehicle Expo Ticket

  • Application for B2B Booth at International Electric Vehicle Expo

  • Tickets for training, seminars, conferences, and fairs related to electric vehicles

  • Engagement in electric vehicle businesses