Project Description

BeNative Token Project

BeNative Token Project is a reverse TGE (Token Generation Event) of BeNative, language (English and Chinese) learning online service with more than 600 thousand users. Users can learn real business languages not from language teachers but from real businessmen from top companies. BeNative speakers ( consist of 300+ businessmen from top-notch US companies (IBM, 3M, GM, Evernote, Paypal and more) and Chinese companies
(, IDG Capital, Popcap, PPTV and more).

BeNative is selected as the main language course by top global companies such as Samsung, LG, SK and Benefit one. Although it is efficient for digital language learning content to be produced by cooperation of multi-national professionals, it is hard to provide such cooperation platform due to high international micropayment fees up to 60% of the transfer amount. Moreover, e-learning always suffers from a lack of self-motivation to finish up the contents.


BeNative will provide global cooperative language contents manufacturing & self-motivating learning platform by rewarding BeNative Token (BNAT) to language contents creators and users who study the contents. Legacy BeNative platform will reduce the business risks since it will supply the initial user base as well as the initial utility value of BNAT which can be used to subscribe legacy BeNative contents. Moreover, unreleased videos that BeNative already have copyrights will be released to initial source video pool, such that creators will be able to freely modify the videos or add subtitles, descriptions, and quizzes to complete the final contents.