Brand Quiz Policy

BeNative Service



100 BNV / 0.99 USD

Monthly Fee


Accessible Contents 

Basic + Premium contents

Basic contents

BeNative service is consisted of basic membership and premium membership.
Users can choose between two, depending on their personal purpose.

XP Acquisition Volume


Double XP (For all contents)

BeNative Digital Voucher (BNV) 


Until now, users have been purchasing BeNative premium membership with 3 currencies : Korean Won, Japanese Yen and US Dollar. Fiat currency system has the disadvantage of requiring global users to go through complex payment procedures and to pay a large amount of international fees in the purchasing process.

With the development of cryptocurrency technology, we introduce our new payment method BNV.
BNV is digital voucher built with blockchain technology. BeNative Digital Voucher (BNV) is designed to enable all people to easily access BeNative service. Anyone with a mobile phone can easily transfer BNV to each other at very low cost (or no cost at all depending on the condition).

Core attributes of BNV are: 


It is digital voucher in the form of ERC-20.


It is Global and State-free.


It is Fungible and Transferrable.

BeNative XP 

In the past, a reward system has been primarily rewarding results. It undermined the philosophy of true education. Result-based reward system causes people to lose motivation in the intermediate process before achieving goals. The more time and effort a goal requires, the more motivation people lose.
Learning a foreign language requires effort and dedication for a long time.

BeNative divided the whole process of learning into steps. Every lesson has a study guide with 4 steps: Real-Business video, Lecture video, Expressions, and Vocabulary. Each time a user completes one step, XP is given regardless of the result. Rewards on small processes give more accomplishment and motivation to a user. XP becomes the proof of learning.

Core attributes of XP are: 


XP is Proof of Learning.


XP is Infinite. No limitation with amounts.


XP is Inherent, Inalienable, Non-transferrable.

XP activities include learning lessons and completing missions.
There is a limit on the daily XP amount you can attain but there is no limit on total amount of XP. Amount of XP is infinite just like there is no end to learning.

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