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Watch BeNative Video

Collect XP

BeNative rewards learning with Bitcoin.

XP is Proof of Learning.

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Solve English Quiz

and get Bitcoin


Solve English quizzes about blockchain, business, K-pop, etc. and get rewarded with Bitcoin.


Brand Quiz


Google, Facebook, Starbucks, Nike, etc. Solve the brand quiz and get Bitcoin.

Access Premium Contents with BNV and get more Bitcoin Reward!

BeNative does not think there is a single way to study English. 

Learn English with various mission activities, including watching English interview videos of global business people, solving English quiz of various themes and Brands , viewing advertisements in English, and etc.  Get XP and Bitcoin for your learning. 

BNV allows you to access premium contents and premium quiz.

Get BNV and experience more Bitcoin Reward!


Get BNV Now!


BNV Airdrop

(Release soon)


- Get BNV from Cryptocurrency Exchange (https://www.dcoin.com)

- Solve English Quiz and get BNV    

- Invite Friends and get BNV

- Accumulate more XP


BNV Usage


- BNV Token is used for the application of Global learners' Premium membership

- BNV Token is used for the application of Premium English Quiz

- BNV Token is used for the application of  B2B employees' foreign language courses 

- BNV Token is used for the application of Brand Quiz

- BNV Token is used for scholarship CSR (Corporation Social Responsibility) activities   of Enterprises.

-BNV Token is used for exchange with new tokens of BeCrypto’s Clients and tokens of blockchain companies that participate in the Premium English Brand Quiz.


8th XP Ranking Event is Live!

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BeNative & XP History

BeNative Assets



600,000 members (2019.09.01)

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Amount invested by venture capital



Users spread in 181 countries



Leading Business to Business English solution in South Korea, Japan, China

XP History



100,000 XP Holders (2019.09.01)




Lessons Learned, 55M XP distributed to 100k Users



Operated Cash Reward System since 2016


BeNative Abstract

BeNative is language learning online service with more than 600 thousand users. Users can learn real native English not from language teachers but from native global leaders of top companies. ‘Education For All’ has been the mission of BeNative since its beginning in 2013. Over the past few years, we have been executing our plans to achieve our mission. As a result, BeNative attracted 9 million-dollar investments and launched 4 global headquarters in South Korea, Japan, China, Hongkong, providing BeNative service to 181 global countries with 6 prepared language subtitles (Korean, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Hindi) and Spanish subtitle is going to be released in near future. BeNative currently has 100,000 active users around the world.

Development of cryptocurrency technology made it possible to introduce BeNative Digital voucher (BNV) and reward people with the most decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin. BNV is designed to enable all people to easily access BeNative service. It is Digital voucher in the form of ERC-20. It is truly global and state-free. It is fungible and transferable. Core attributes of BNV enable a reduction in energy consumption for complex processes in purchase and transfer. Also, low commission remittance will generate more opportunities in education.

‘Learn English, Earn Bitcoin’ came out to motivate people to study. BeNative rewards everyone who studies with BeNative mobile app. We estimate all your studying process with XP (eXperience Points) and amounts of XP will decide how much reward will be given. XP is proof of learning. It is inherent, inalienable and non-transferable. The only way to get XP is to learning through BeNative mobile app and solving English quizzes. You cannot buy or get XP from others. There is a limit on daily XP but no limit on the amount of total XP as there is no end to learning.  

The only way to get Bitcoin reward is to learn and participate in learning. There are two kinds of Bitcoin reward for learning: Bitcoin reward based on XP and Direct Bitcoin reward.


Solving English quizzes is a learning method that is directly rewarded with bitcoin. BeNative offers English quiz of various themes and brands. Users can learn English expressions that are used in different situations through English quizzes of various themes such as Blockchain, Business, Tech, K-pop, Sport, etc. Enterprises can open brand quiz with BNV. Companies contribute to promoting their brands and products through brand quizzes as well as providing more education through sponsorships. 

Users get bitcoin reward directly based on English quiz score. Users access premium English quiz with BNV. Premium English quiz offers more English quizzes than basic English quiz. Users have more opportunity of learning more and getting more Bitcoin reward.

Bitcoin reward for Monthly XP accumulation is activated by advertising revenue. Attracting the platform’s advertising requires a certain number of active users (We define XP holders as active users). We set the duration of the active user gathering and advertising hosting to 14 weeks and define this period as ‘Initial Facilitation Stage’.


There are 3 stages in BNV Economy: Original User Rewarding Stage, Initial Facilitation Stage, Main Stage.

Each stage prevents confusion about the upcoming reward system by clarifying the date for the new system and benefits that BeNative introduces.

Original user rewarding stage rewards all learners who have learned from BeNative before new BNV economy starts. Existing XP holders can apply BNV reward in this stage.


Initial facilitation stage is a middle stage where it facilitates people to participate in BNV economy. To facilitate initial participation, Initial participant benefit will be given. The Initial participant benefit gradually decreases every two weeks. The earlier users participate, the more benefit they can get, which gives a strong motivation to participate early. After 14 weeks of Initial facilitation stage, Initial participant benefit ends, and the distribution of Bitcoin rewards based on Monthly XP accumulation begins. 

During the Initial facilitation stage, users can win Bitcoin rewards through Monthly XP Ranking. Monthly XP Ranking starts on the 1st of November. BeNative selects Monthly XP rankers through the competition. Monthly XP rankers are ranked according to the amount of Monthly accumulated XP. Monthly XP rankers are represented on the BeNative Monthly XP Rank Board and are rewarded with Bitcoin.

Main stage is the stage where BNV economy is fully functional. Bitcoin reward for Monthly XP accumulation begins. XP ranking system continues. Premium membership price with BNV is the same (100 BNV).

BeNative is associating with global corporations, non-profit organizations and academic institutions to provide better education for more people.

BeNative Partner Network creates BeNative together as a social learning community based on facilitation and sponsorship and provides education to more people.

BeNative collapses boundaries and motivates learners. 


BNV is global, state-free digital voucher in the form of ERC-20.


BeNative XP is proof of learning. Inherent and inalienable rewards from your learning.


BeNative motivates your learning with the most decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

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BNV Economy

BNV Economy is designed to enable people to access education and study with more motivation without institutional and regional limits.

About BeNative

BeNative is a language learning platform which provides most authentic learning experience. Contents are created from real interviews of various native English speakers and lessons from professional English educators.

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BeNative Whitepaper